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Stand No: SHE2885

Vatix is a British Standards (BS8484: 2016) certified supplier of lone worker safety solutions. Our team has more than 25 years combined experience in the industry so we know first hand what challenges organisations face safeguarding their employees. 

Our ambition is to revolutionise the way that organisations protect their people by delivering leading devices, software and monitoring which puts end-users and company managers at the heart of the solution.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: Z.46

DO WE REALLY KNOW OUR EMPLOYEES & WORK MATES AND WHAT THEY WANT OR NEED IN AN EMERGENCY?Most people want two things if they are involved in a serious accident or become ill at their work place.1.  Appropriate & fast medical assistance2.  Knowledge that their family / loved ones will be notified of their situation immediately

ASK YOURSELFEmployment records MAY have this information, but can it be accessed quickly 24/7?Would workers on the scene of an accident know anything about the accident victim that would be critical in assisting attending ambulance staff / paramedics?Our “Worker EMERGENCY ID” products allow each worker to carry their critical and potentially lifesaving I.D. They provide paramedics or first-responders with the workers critical lifesaving medical information & emergency contacts, essential in an accident or medical emergency.
NEW 2018 - try out our new Worker Emergency ID App for Smart phones to support our helmet ID range!

Customers that use Vital ID include: construction, utilities, oil/gas, rail/road maintenance, marine, forestry, airports.

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