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Providing peace of mind, saving time and paper, and enabling access anytime, anywhere! Fusion is a one-stop-shop for managing your health & safety, documentation and companies e-learning.
The Fusion platform consists of the web-based Management Dashboard and the Mobile App, available on desktop, tablet and mobile. 
We are ISO Certified and have also been shortlisted for 2 UK App Awards. 

What does your app do?
The Fusion Health and Safety platform allows all employees to have instantaneous access to all of their relevant documentation, remotely on their person on a mobile application.
An administrator or manager can simply upload an employee's certificates, health and safety documents, and risk assessments onto the platform and tag users to the document. This then pushes the document out to the user's personal profile on the app and grants them access to the document.
In turn, eradicating the need to hold lots of paper, which can be misplaced or lost and ensuring every employee has the right documents on them at all times. Our solution reduces time wasted, improves health and safety, enhances employee engagement and improves customer satisfaction and is better for the environment.
We also offer an online e-learning space where your company members can get access to over 100 courses. Training courses are approved by IIRSM, CPD, ILM, ETA, IATP.

What problem does it solve?
Businesses across industries face a similar problem when it comes to employees being asked to present their health and safety documents and employee certification whilst working remotely. Often these paper documents are not on the employee's person and can mean lots of time wasted, documents getting misplaced and enforcement action being issued by the health and safety officer. It can lead to client dissatisfaction, increased costs, and poor employee engagement. The Fusion platform can solve all of this.

How can you sign-up?
If you want more information, want to book a demo or start your 30-day free trial, head over to our website: www.fusion.app.